The air was charged with the electrifying energy of young and brilliant minds of elementary students from Maryknoll College of Panabo, Inc. as they showed their remarkable talents and wit in the Division Level Science and Math Quest 2023 with the theme, โ€œTimelapse: Accentuating The Eras of Science and Mathematics Clubbingโ€ held on November 29, 2023, at Panabo Central Elementary School SPED Center, and Rizal Elementary School.

Out of more than 30 competing schools in Panabo City, the students forged a path that not only highlights their individual brilliance but also sets a standard for excellence that inspired everyone as they won various awards in the following mathematics events – elementary category:

๐Ÿ“ŒMath Quiz Bee

Grade 1: Ash Denver Dedecatoria – 1ST PLACER

Grade 2: Dennis Val Dahuya – 2ND PLACER

Grade 3: Casey Pink Canillas – 3RD PLACER

Grade 5: John Ed Francis Catalan โ€“ 3RD PLACER

Coaches: Ms. Aliekhem Napitan, Ms. Anna Marie Flores, and Ms. Almarie Pogata

๐Ÿ“ŒMath History Quiz Bee

– Category 1

โ€ข Joaquin Angelo Baluran – 2ND PLACER

โ€ข Vera Reemah Gallego โ€“ 5TH PLACER

Coach: Ms. Aliekhem Napitan

– Category 2

โ€ข Christina Annica Maria Lacia – 1ST PLACER

โ€ข Johann Alessandro Baluran – 5TH PLACER

Coach: Ms. Almarie Pelpinosas


Grade 5: Voneff Villacorteza – 4TH PLACER

Coach: Ms. Glyh Alfajardo

๐Ÿ“ŒRubikโ€™s cube

Grade 5: Garwin Pierson Villanueva – 2ND PLACER

Coach: Mr. Jaymak Facun


Your MCPI family is so proud of you!