Community Extension Service(CES)  Program

The Maryknoll College of Panabo, Inc as a member of the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines aims to serve as steadfast and effective agent of change through transformative and excellent Catholic Education in the different dimension of human life. Also, MCPI as part of the Diocesan Catholic Institutions believes that its primary mission is to form a community of dynamic and competent individuals. This aims for a holistic transformation of its members to become effective instruments in realizing the mission of Christ. With the programs established, it will surely assist the fullest development of all God-given talents of each member of human community.

The community Outreach Program is the response of Maryknoll College of Panabo, Inc. to the prevalent needs of the community. It is an important instrument that links the classroom to social reality and thus facilitates a more dynamic learning. In the process, students develop a Christian orientation with emphasis on in their chosen profession with love and service for others, especially to the underserved

Since 2009, MCPI has been actively involved in community outreach services in the depressed areas of Panabo City. That is why the Socio-Pastoral Office is established to have a functional office that will implement school’s community outreach services. Through this office, the institution wish to heighten social consciousness especially towards the marginalized sectors of the society.

Objective of the Program

    • To address basic and other developmental needs
    • To empower individuals, families, and communities in improving the quality of living
    • To foster sense of accountability through strengthened communal solidarity; and
    • To establish an inclusive environment where everyone performs inherent roles as a mission for God and the community


Adopted Community

Brgy. Sto. Nino, Panabo City

    • Rosalio . Gotera – Brgy. Capt.

Purok Caimito (80 families )

    • Ruben Liguid – Purok Leader

Purok Santol (80 families)

    • Roberto Bitang – Purok Leader