Panabo City [February 8, 2023] – In relation to the concerns and negative propaganda circulating online, MCPI wants to clear things out especially to the students, parents, and the school community about the delay of the yearbook distribution. This problem emerges in response to unforeseen circumstances that have impacted the production timeline.
The delay is attributed to the following constraints:
• Yearbook staff 2019-2020 has now long gone in MCPI. Therefore, adjustments are needed as the new staff is retrieving the files and contacting the students who need their information for the Yearbook, including retrieving the files necessary for completing the yearbook 2020.
• COVID-19 pandemic. The partner printing press of MCPI has been closed for 2 years following the strict implementation of the protocols during the pandemic. This problem had stopped the operation from both the printing press and the staff of the Yearbook.
• The new staff had difficulty retrieving the students’ files during the pandemic because there were no face-to-face classes.
• Many students had given incomplete information, and the staff was preoccupied with the Yearbook and other school responsibilities like teaching their subjects, etc.
Despite our best efforts to ensure timely distribution, these challenges have affected the completion of the yearbook production process.
We understand the anticipation and excitement surrounding the Yearbook, and we share the disappointment of the delay. Please be assured that our team is working diligently to resolve the issues and expedite the production process to deliver a high-quality yearbook that captures the memories and achievements of the school year.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this delay may cause and appreciate the understanding and patience of the school community. We are committed to regularly updating the yearbook production and distribution progress.
The distribution dates will be communicated as soon as they are confirmed, and we will explore all available options to expedite the process without compromising the quality of the Yearbook.
For further information or inquiries, please get in touch with Mr. Rolando B. Acosta at
Thank you for your understanding and continued support.