In the realm of education, particularly in the fields of Music and Arts, the act of teaching is not merely a transaction of knowledge but a voyage into the realms of creativity, expression, and inspiration.

Today, our MAPEH teachers have attended a seminar-workshop in โ€œCrafting Competency-Based Learning Experiences in Music and Artsโ€. This serves as a pivotal moment to providing them with an opportunity to relight their passion, refine their methodologies, and delve into the evolving landscape of Music and Arts education. It acknowledges that teaching these subjects goes beyond the conventional classroom setting; it is a walk of discovery and experiential learning both for the educators and the students.

Mr. Eleazar Enguera, the esteemed speaker and author of MAPEH from Diwa Publishing, stands as a guiding force, offering insights in teaching these disciplines. His expertise brings a wealth of knowledge, not just in terms of curriculum or methodology, but more importantly in demonstrating the transformative impact that music and arts can have on the holistic development of individuals.

We recognize the collaborative effort involved in organizing this seminar-workshop, the school administrators, Sir EC from Diwa Publishing, Sir Jayson Canda, Mapeh and AP Coordinator, and to the attendees (Mr. Joseph Canedo, Mr. Jufred Nacario, Ms. Pamela Apito, Mr. Geilbeshter Diagbel, Ms. Ace Shiela Macas, Ms. Marchie Love Oliver, Mr. Alex Capuras, Mr. Arlo Legaspino, Mr. Eliezer Alia, Jr. and Ms. Joyce Salazar).

May the collective wisdom shared here serve as a catalyst for rekindling the magic of teaching music and arts, fostering a renewed sense of purpose and passion among our teachers.