In a resounding victory against the battle on substance abuse, the halls of MCPI resonated with pride as one of its outstanding students, Juliana Narvasa, achieved 2nd place in the fiercely competitive City Anti-Drug Poster Making Contest. Representing Grade 12 St. Gregory the Great, Juliana Narvasa has not only demonstrated exceptional artistic talent but has also become a beacon of advocacy, using the power of visual storytelling to contribute to the collective mission of fostering a drug-free city.

This achievement is more than a testament to Juliana Narvasa’s creativity; it’s a symbol of MCPI’s commitment to molding well-rounded individuals who not only excel academically but also actively engage in social issues. Juliana Narvasa’s artwork speaks volumes; it adds a meaningful layer to the ongoing efforts within the community to raise awareness about the perils of drug abuse.

MCPI stands tall as an institution that not only nurtures creativity but also instills a sense of social responsibility in its students. Juliana Narvasa’s success echoes the larger narrative of MCPI’s dedication to shaping future leaders who contribute positively to societal well-being. Congratulations to Juliana Narvasa and MCPI for this remarkable accomplishment in the pursuit of a safer and healthier community.