One swipe, one click-and now, you are watching a famous youtuber showing her cooking skills in a modern kitchen construction. And this was the content you loved to watch because not only you loved her way of cooking, but also got inspired by the way she arranges her plates symmetrically. 

   Content creation appeals to the audience like a firecracker. As the digital media expands and the demand for content creators, each content we watch, we dive ourselves into this source of interest. That we may get know something from these content creators in front of our screens. Each content unfolds before us in one swipe, one click. The content creators could be filming snippets or series of videos of the shared interests and genres, or could be blogging, doing a photo shoot, creating podcasts, sharing talents and tricks, etc.

   We can pretty much see these online personalities on prominent social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tiktok, and even Youtube. These people behind the camera, pour their efforts to put up a content and harness their creativity to gain the attention of the audience of different fields. Whether it be fashion, makeup, art, nature, photography, education, theories, life stories, skills, talents, and other various fields. 

   Harness their creativity. What does the rise of content creators in the modern market pertain to the idea of not only engaging people together, but also allow them to find opportunities? How do they start careers and rose to a massive success after creating content and finding numerous ways to be strategically wise on the run? This creative harness of creating a content has made content creators and aspiring content creators to hit a milestone and embrace this digital medium to thrive with their goals. 

   Younger audiences, who have more to plan and more screening time in their days, are fulfilled and mesmerized of how content creators present their life, work, career, and nature to their screens and they have this encouragement to do the same: the inspirational to get creative, and be creative. In specific areas of their lives, their content and passion for what they do inspires them from time to time. 

   The motivation arises from finding entertainment, aspiration, and imitation to their everyday hobbies and potential. Eventually, these content creators will not only let them feel entertained, but also let it known that they, too, could achieve the goal like them. And this achievement can be empowered by the use of creative means. 

   “I find them interesting because of how passionate they are of their work, their perspectives in life, and how much story they can share with the audience.” says 16-year-old Shuanelle Grace A. Garzon, a Maryknollian student who loves to watch art and bullet-journal videos from the artists she watches. Shuanelle aspires to put up her own art business and showcase her art to the world. 

   “There are two content creators that I especially find interest in and take inspiration in terms of art and lifestyle with are-and those are Amanda Rach Lee and Jaiden Animation. Amanda specializes on vlogging her productive days, and Jaiden animations is an animations channel whose stories and lessons I will always take to heart because of how relatable her stories are and how visually pleasing her animations are.” The said student also points out. 

   Notice how teenagers nowadays, like our student Shuanelle, are very much interested with content creators pursuing their goals in a creative manner. If not art, what about putting up a content about imitating a school teacher in a hilarious yet respectable way as entertainment? Or how about techniques in shuffling for dancing? Perhaps, displaying a number of ways to enhance a vocal range? These diverse of content keeps our younger audiences not only be audiences alone, but they could engage with the personalities on the internet and the whole digital community. 

   What makes content creation interesting is that you, as an audience, can explore in an ocean of ideas, and objectives. You’ll be able to see how other content creators work and play with their cards, and obtain an understanding of how insanely creative a human can be-from pursuing art in different medium, telling stories from around the world, educating about fun facts, teaching magic tricks, legit life hacks and many more. Content creators will not only show what they can do, but they did it, and might as well even teach you how to do it.  And how we shall deliver it, rests upon our shoulder-to think outside our minds. The characteristic that is inherent upon us-the drive to be creative.  And this creativity, if planted well, is highly useful for them for their dreams that they want to cross ashore. It is the drive to be creative, productive, and passionate. 

   If it isn’t something that the youth should channel to achieve a goal-then what is?