Hats off to each and every participant of the National Math and Science Quest 2024 convened in the scenic locale of Baguio City. Your exemplary performance has truly left us beaming with pride! Congratulations for a job well done, students!

Also, a heartfelt congratulations and a sincere thank you to the administration under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Richell Fuentes and to Mr. Glendel Mark P. Rabe — our consistently supportive Math-Science Coordinator, whose dedication in preparing and organizing everything has been invaluable. And, to our ever loving and supportive parents and dedicated coaches who played instrumental roles in this journey, thank you and congratulations, too!

Now, let’s shine a spotlight on the exceptional accomplishments of our students through the following list of awards:


Jaelanz Jacosalem – 5th Place (Grade 7)

Rihanna Adaro – 5th Place (Grade 8 )

Prince Ivan Dumoran – 5th Place (Grade 9)

Greg Tesoro – 5th Place (Grade 10)


Ash Denver Dedicatoria – 8th Place (Grade 1)

Dennis Van Dahuya – 6th Place (Grade 2)

Casey Pink Canillas – 2nd Place (Grade 3)

John Ed Francis Catalan – 8th Place (Grade 5)

Jaelanz Jacosalem – 8th Place (Grade 7)

Mary Jessa Lopez – 10th Place (Grade 7)

Rihanna Adaro – 8th Place (Grade 8 )

Kenneth Tan Du – 9th Place (Grade 8 )

Jondan Dave Ilao – 6th Place (Grade 9)

Prince Ivan Dumoran – 10th Place (Grade 9)

Mara Francesca Gotera – 6th Place (Grade 10)

Greg Tesoro – 2nd Place (Grade 10)


Joaquin Angelo Baluran – 3rd Place (Grade 3)

Johann Alessandro Baluran – 1st Place (Grade 5)

Christina Annica Maria Lacia – 2nd Place (Grade 6)

Kate Hyacinth Ombajin – 1st Place (Grade 9)


Nicole Antoinette Buena – 1st Place (Grade 10)

Kaz Stephen Ishida – 4th Place (Grade 12)


Kaz Stephen Ishida – 2nd Place (Grade 12)


Alliyah Raiene Atanacio – 1st Place (Grade 7)

Lithon Paul Labayan – 3rd Place (Grade 10)

Sean Raven Villacampa – 1st Place (Grade 12)


Garwynn Pierson Villanueva – 1st Place (Grade 5)

Miguel Antonio Niez – 1st Place (Grade 8 )

Christian John Maluenda – 3rd Place (Grade 9)

Marcfloyd Noel – 1st Place (Grade 10)

Brandon Christian Caballo – 2nd Place (Grade 11)


Ram Luis Laureano – 2nd Place (Grade 7)

Chris Seandrie Casumpang – 3rd Place (Grade 8 )

Denise Aryanne Royo – 2nd Place (Grade 9)

Maria Erika Arai – 3rd Place (Grade 11)


Zakie Audric Fuentes – 2nd Place (Grade 10)

Voneff Villacorteza – 2nd Place (Grade 5)


Earl Justine Saraosos – 4th Place (Grade 12)


Maffey Alfarero – 2nd Place (Grade 12)