Community Service 2023 in the Adopted Community

Spent the end of the quarter giving back to the amazing adopted community! There’s nothing more fulfilling than coming together to make a difference. ✨
In collaboration with CLVEd , Science, Arts and English subjects as Final Performance Task in 1st quarter, the Grade 9 teachers with the assistance of Socio-Pastoral Affairs Office, organized a community service: clean-up drive and donation of cleaning materials in the adopted community.
This initiative of environmental stewardship was not merely about exposing the students to real-world environmental challenges but fostering a sense of responsibility and unwavering commitment that can leave a positive impact on the community.
With burning passion and dedication, the students embarked on an inspiring journey to protect the environment. The sweat they invest today is all worth it as it yields long-term benefits to the community.
We would like to extend our gratitude to the people behind the success of this activity, Ms. Bhea Christly Narido, MAED, Sir John Ralph Teman MATRE, brgy. officials of Prk. Santol and Prk. Caimito, parents/guardians, grade 9 teachers, and students. Thank you for your unending support, this activity would not be possible without all of you.
We hope that this is just the beginning. Let’s continue to make a difference in our own little ways.