The implementation of remedial classes ensure that every learner has bridged the gap and accomplished the necessary learning competencies and skills in a school year. As such, the Maryknoll College of Panabo, Inc. provides continued learning support even at this time of pandemic to address deficiencies encountered during the distance learning in the academic year 2021-2022.
In line with this, the offered classes aim for an assistance to grade school and junior high school learners to achieve expected competencies in core academic skills such as literacy and numeracy where these learners have lag far behind the required proficiencies. The classes will be in a five-week completion period; hence this shall start on June 20, 2022 until July 22, 2022.

Assessment of Learning

⦁ The learner shall undergo formative and summative assessment. As per DepEd Order No. 8, s. 2015 entitled Policy Guidelines on Classroom Assessment for the K to 12 Basic Education Program;
⦁ Classes for summer shall be done from Monday to Thursday. The delivery mode of instructions shall be a combination of face-to-face or on-line learning depending on the learner’s learning profile.
⦁ Selection Protocol
The subject teachers for each grade level are the primary assessors based on the given qualifications of assessment of learning. As stipulated in DepEd Order No. 13, s 2018 on the qualifications of the assessment of learning, the core basis for a learner to be enrolled in either remedial or enrichment class are their quarter grades;

⦁ Initial selection Protocol
A.1 Pupils/Students who are candidate for the remedial or enrichment classes shall be identified during the 3rd quarter reading and deliberation of grades;

A.2 The list of learners shall be assessed together with the Subject Coordinators per grade level; After which, the list shall be submitted to the IBED Principal for further assessment;
A.3 The learners’ parents/guardians shall be communicated during the 3rd Quarter PTC where detailed discussion regarding the concerns shall be done via online/phone call individual conference;(in case of a parent/guardian who cannot attend the PTC via online, they shall visit the school to conduct conference with the adviser); The individual conference shall be written in the adviser’s journal/anecdotal record book.
A.4 The recommended learners for remedial will be given until May 20, 2022 ONLY to comply their performance standards. Subject teachers shall monitor the learners under this provision. In case of learners’ failure, the adviser shall inform immediately the parents/guardians on the status of the learner.

 B. Official selection Protocol

B.1 The identified learners who have difficulties and deficiencies in complying the necessary standards shall be recommended to take remedial or enrichment class based on the given pre-inclusion criteria before they can enroll and promoted to the next grade level;
B.2 Recommendation for the final list of students who shall undergo the remedial class shall be submitted on May 31, 2022 by the class adviser;
B.3 Parents/Guardians shall be informed the day after the reading and deliberation of grades on the status of the learner.

Offered Classes
Eligibility for Remediation Classes
As mandated by DO 8, s. 2015, a learner who receives a grade lower than 75 in any subject must be given intervention through remediation and must pass the said remedial classes to be promoted to the next grade level.
As part of the learning continuity plan of DepEd schools may also offer a five-week remedial class to learners who:
⦁ had a hard time focusing in their lessons in the previous SY;
⦁ needed more time to understand the concepts;
⦁ received low grades; and
⦁ had no performance task/s in 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th quarter.

Mode of instruction
Subjects and lessons are designed in such a way that delivery is possible through various modes considering but not always requiring the latest learning technologies, while remaining faithful to the students’ needs and context. Hence, the school will have face-to-face remedial classes to ensure close monitoring and consultation with the students.
Learning Instruction
Students who have temporarily fallen behind in their studies or otherwise need short-term support in their learning shall be given a remedial teaching or enrichment classes. With this, learning instruction shall be suited to the status and needs of the learners.
The following are the guidelines in providing learning materials and instructions:

⦁ The learning standards in MELCs shall be followed;
⦁ The learning profile of learners in any class shall serve as basis for planning and designing the instruction; and
⦁ Learners who failed in a specific quarter must be given appropriate lessons on that quarter.

The above guidelines shall be disseminated to all learners and parents concerned during the 3rd Quarter Parent-Teacher Conference.
⦁ Fees. Below are the inclusions of fees per class:

A. Remedial Class
Teacher’s Subject Fee – ₱1, 200.00
Module per Quarter – ₱60.00
Total = ₱ 1, 260.00

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