In academia, the demands are immense, the responsibilities are weighty, and the stressors can be overwhelming. Our teachers bear the responsibility of nurturing young minds and managing varied duties, all these while often battling their own personal and professional challenges.

Highly considering this need of our faculty, one of this year’s development programs is emphasized on Teachers’ Physical Health and Wellness. To facilitate this, Ms. Frances Marie Amper-Padonia, RGC, the School Guidance Counselor is the invited Resource Speaker to deliver an informative and insightful discussion on this timely topic: Mental Health Awareness held on October 13, 2023 at SHS-AVR.

The seminar aims to equip teachersโ€™ awareness of mental health issues and educate teachers on the importance of self-care to manage their own well-being. The participants answered assessments and reflections in the course of the seminar.

The session ended with insights from teachers and a beautiful mantra to live with: “Always be mindful and grateful!”



MCPI Guidance, Counseling and Testing Center