The Philippines is the last country in the world to open schools since the nation’s lockdown last March 2020. (Rappler) The Philippines having 48,000 schools nationwide, surely had quite a long vacation from all physical classes and so, resorted to the implementation of distance learning which includes online, modular and blended methods for student learning to be possible in the new norma setting.

However distance learning sparked a number of negative feedbacks, especially from students. According to a report from CNN Philippines, distance learning is not working for Filipino families due to problems of access, loss of student interest and stress affecting performance, and the problem that parents cannot replace teachers in real setups, to mention few. From such predicaments, there is no denying that face to face classes is what most people surely call for.

On October 6, the Department of Education announced a pilot run for limited face to face classes starting November 15, where a number of 120 schools are approved by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte for the said pilot run. The Inter Agency Task Force allowed limited face to face classes for all programs  in areas under alert Levels 1 to 3, subject to certain conditions as proposed by the Commission on Higher Education. 

Insights from various education groups hold that this is a significant step to improving education delivery. Given the student’s longing for face to face classes, this is quite a dream come true. There’s a huge advantage to in person classes anyway; with real time discussions and interactions, and then finally, that familiar feeling in a classroom environment, could be felt once more. 

But is the Corona locked out of the way? Of course not! For sure, it might be just rehearsing for such a huge laugh. Certainly, face to face classes paves way for real time exposure for students in all school ground locations. 

‘Well, that is why it’s limited. There is a class size to consider, and of course, it is not gonna be a straight period of attending.’ One could say, and indeed, there’s a point. And as long as students follow the protocols, it will be fine…

Or is it so? How far could students really abide in it? How far could one restrain from crossing some lines given the euphoria and zeal of finally being back to school again?

Now, there is this proposition of holding swab tests for students and teachers every now and then for safety. Considerable. However, that for sure would be traumatic for younger student individuals, wouldn’t it? 

Truth is, the opening of schools would open mixed reactions from everyone. There are pros and cons, obviously, and it could be an up or flop as per possible arguments cited above. At the end of the day, one can’t tell how this could exactly turn out. Personally up for giving face to face classes a green light for better learning sake but, hoping against hope that discipline is STRICTLY followed by student individuals’ part to at least not bring cases to the peaks even more.

Such a difficult predicament all are in, and everything is never certain to work well. Corona’s laugh could thunder out anytime then.